online time clock



Need a better visual on how many hours are being worked in a specific department? TimeCUE has the ability to allow employees to choose a department when they clock in.



Submitting a PTO/Vacation request is simple in TimeCUE. After the employee submits his/her request, the supervisor is immediately notified via email.



TimeCUE has a built-in support ticketing system. Have a problem or just a question? Use our advanced support system to notify our team 24 hours a day.



Starting from the APP to the secure cloud link, TimeCUE places security first. We use the latest technology to make sure your experience with TimeCUE is a safe one.

Our main goal is simple...

Make Time Keeping Easier.

TimeCUE was designed by Alexander Software, Inc. (ASi) with one goal, make online and mobile time keeping easier. It was built from the ground up to be mobile and flexible, which means features can be added to fit your company needs very quickly. From automated reports that show all the hours worked by your employees in your inbox every morning, to seamless intergration capabilities for your payroll, staffing and accounting partners, TimeCUE can be tailored to fit any company.

Mobile employees see a huge benefit from using TimeCUE. One issue that a lot of companies face is how to manage their mobile work force. Are they where they need to be? Are they there at the expected time? With TimeCUE all of these questions are answered.

A Few Features

  • Clock in / out from any device
  • Clock in via departments
  • Ability to run reports via APP
  • APP with GPS location
  • Submit PTO / Vacation request
  • Easy to read reports

Coming Soon

What’s New?

Nov 2014

Access card readers added to give employees the ability to clock in / out via access cards. After clocking in / out each employee will receive a text message showing their in / out time.