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About US

TimeCUE was designed by Alexander Software, Inc (ASi) with the sole purpose of making employee time keeping easier. It was built from the ground up to be mobile. TimeCUE gives employers the peace of mind that other time keeping software do not provide for remote / mobile employees. With it's "Geo Fencing" technology and secure cloud platform, employers can control where their mobile employees clock in and out from.

Mobility is only the beginning as we at ASi continue to develop TimeCUE. Our goal is to continue to make time keeping simple to manage and accessible anywhere it is needed. Seamless integrations into other social media platforms and linking with many more payroll applications are some of our future goals for TimeCUE, as well as real time reports and better control over total hours worked in departments. We are ready and determined to be the leader in the area of time keeping and will develop TimeCUE with that as our main focus.


TimeCUE is a great program. It's very easy to use and has a lot of useful features. I would recommend this to anyone tring to keep their time keeping simple.

TimeCUE client


Why was TimeCUE created

We saw a huge need in the time keeping industry for a mobile application that solved a few problems:

Allowing clock in/out from anywhere

With the IOS/Android app employees can clock in / out from anywhere on the globe and have their time instantly be seen at their corporate offices.

Ability to control clock in/out locations

The TimeCUE app ties tightly with the Cloud application. As a matter of fact the app is useless without the Cloud application. The App compares its current location against the approved locations entered in by the admin. If there is a match it's allowed to clock in / out.

Employees instant access to time sheets

Using the app, employees can, at any given time, run a report to see their total hours for a day, week, month or even year.

Freedom to trusted employees

When the trust feature is turned on the employees' location is not verified via GPS. They are allowed to clock in / out from any location whether it's approved or not.