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At TimeCUE we are constantly adding new features to make each version more exciting than the previous one. Most features can be turned on and off at anytime, permitting clients to completely customize TimeCUE to fit their current needs. Check back frequently to find new features.

Clock in/out from


From computer to app, you can now record your time from anywhere. Use our secure link to clock in / out from your desk, or use the iPhone/Android app to clock in / out in the field. Work in a factory? Not a problem, we have an access card for that. Tap to clock in / out in seconds.

Trust feature

TimeCUE has a cool feature which  permits trusted employees to clock in / out via the app without the need to verify their location.


Great feature for factories. TimeCUE can let you have your employees' time rounded to the nearest 15th minute. So if an employee clocks in at 7:55 AM their time will be rounded to 8:00 AM. This feature can be turned on and off from employee to employee.

Ability to approve

time sheets

TimeCUE gives employers the ability to allow their employees to approve their time sheet before submitting them to their supervisor. The employee will simply run a report to see all of their hours and when they are ready, they click an approve button to place their signature next to all the times on their sheet. Now when their supervisor runs a report it will show a signature next to all the times that employee approves.

Control clock in /out locations

No need to worry if employees are where they say they are. TimeCUE uses GPS to pin point the employee's location and verifies it against the list of supervisor approved locations. If matched the employee is abled to clock in. Enter as many locations as you wish because there is no limit.

Access time sheets


Want to know how many hours you worked last week, but you are no where near a computer? With TimeCUE you can just download the app (even if you are not approved to clock in / out from any location) and run a report to show your hours. Whether you clocked in via computer, tablet or access card, all your hours can be accessed via the app.

Poor GPS location


Worried about employees hitting an area with poor GPS signal? This feature will allow employees to still clock in / out even if their signal is too weak for their location to be determined. TimeCUE will detect that the employee is in a poor GPS signal and automatically switch to nonverification mode to allow that employee to still clock in.

Receive daily reports

via email

Reports are an essential part of any time keeping system which is why we made our reports not only easy to read but automated as well. No need to run a daily report in TimeCUE. Just set the system to send you a report of all the hours worked by your staff and at the time you set. TimeCUE will generate and email you a daily report.